image Since the turn of the 21st century every commentator and retail statistic from anywhere in the world have confirmed that online shopping is on the ascent.

A unique retailing experience today happens online being able to browse a large variety of choice in an easy to navigate environment from the comfort of ones home.

INTRIANGLE SOLUTIONS has raised the bar and pioneered a bespoke e-commerce solution for independent jewellery retailers across UK. We provide customized, fully functional and cost-effective e-commerce solutions that lead traditional jewellery business into the 21st century.

INTRIANGLE SOLUTIONS provides automatic access to daily diamond feeds of over 100,000+ stones, a Virtual Jewellery Inventory of 30,000+ pieces which come with full order fulfillment services.

INTRIANGLE SOLUTIONS drives more customers both to your online and offline presence, and boosts revenue.

Key Features

  • Web 2.0 website, customized to your brand image
  • State-of-the-art e-Commerce technology
  • Access to over 100,000+ Virtual Jewellery Inventory
  • Daily diamond feeds with over 30,000+ loose stones
  • ‘Design Your Own’ modules for rings
  • Feature your In-store products
  • Stock Control Management
  • Secured online payment gateway integration
  • Full order fulfillment services
  • Access to high profit margin diamonds
  • Professional Internet Marketing Services