JewelFix was developed in consultation with some of our jewellery system users.The purpose of the system is to provide business owners with a way to track the internal operations of their repair business by allowing access to important customer and orders information.It allows the user to closely control and monitor all steps in the repair process.

We are confident that the use of our system will give your repair business drastic advantages in the form of automation, higher productivity, and clear insight into the internal workings of your company. You have full access to all of your customers data in a sleek, responsive, and intuitive application designed specifically for a repair business. This system is a product that you and your employees will love because it simply will make all of your jobs easier. Keep detailed records of all of your customers, no matter how long ago, record exactly what you worked on, and never have an issue with missing or incomplete records.

Key Features

  • Track, Save, Update Customer Details
  • Track your Jewellery Repairs
  • Upload Repair photos
  • Hook directly to your webcam
  • Print Repair Tickets
  • Email Customers Directly
  • Complete and item wise profit and loss report
  • Automated invoice bill of any transaction on printer
  • Export, Sort, and Filter Records
  • 100% Responsive Layout


How JewelFix can Benefit Your Business

Having just released JewelFix, we thought it might be worth going through the benefits that having a repair management system can have, and how having one in place can help your business become more profitable, as well as saving you time and many headaches.

While some of the above systems may prove fine for certain business types, it is always best to have something in place that is reliable, user friendly, and designed specifically for a purpose. Having something like this means that you don't need two or three different methods to keep on top of your repairs, you can have one simple application that will manage all of your customers and repairs, will keep track of the repair throughout its process, from booking in, to the job being carried out, to notifying the customer that the repair is completed and ready to collect.

Here is how JewelFix can help you:

Our repair ticketing system can reduce the amount of time spent booking in and managing your repairs. It also details all of the repair information on a check in receipt which you can give to your customer, including a price, meaning customers can't come back and say they were quoted something different. With less time spent managing your paper based system, or tracking down a repair in an extremely long spreadsheet, you will have more time available to do the more important things in your business.

Your image is a very important factor to your business, customers will recommend your company based on the image you portray, and do the opposite if that image is an unorganised one. JewelFix will give your company that professional image. From the branded check-in receipt that is printed upon booking their repair in, to the automated email updates they receive throughout the repair process, to the fact that if they call up, they won't need to speak to the person doing the repair, as any member of staff can easily check the status, and notes on a repair, without having to go and talk to someone else, or flick through a couple of sheets of paper until they find the right repair sheet.

JewelFix uses the latest technologies in software development manages your data using a fast, reliable and scalable solution. All of our updates are tried and tested in a real environment before being released and support for our products is excellent.

Sick of using an expensive, or over complicated system? Still using a paper based system? Give your customers extra confidence in your service, by using a professional, efficient system to keep tabs on items that are in for repair, as well as allowing you to keep your customer informed at every stage with built in email alerts (SMS Alerts coming soon!).

  • Simple design, making JewelFix easy to use and has a small learning curve, needing next to no staff training
  • Access any job from any screen within 3 clicks.
  • Easy return feature, to book in any jobs which are returned for the same issue, preventing duplicate entries.
  • Customisable - JewelFix can be customised to suit your company and its services. You can add all your compnay information, repair types and prices, and more, giving your customer confidence in your service.
  • JewelFix is fast! Designed to run even on the most basic of computers, JewelFix uses next to no system resources and uses MySQL database technology, meaning entries can go into the hundered of thousands and still run efficiently.

Customer Management:

We designed JewelFix to efficiently manage data in a fast, and easy way. We have done this by using MySQL databases to ensure safe, secure and reliable access to your data.

Managing your customers is an important part of the repair process. To help with this, JewelFix allows quick access to your customer information, as well as being able to select the best contact method for your customers, for example, some people may not be able to answer the phone at work, so they may prefer to get a text or an email, or they may prefer a phone call, so you can choose this when adding a customer to job, to ensure you are being as convenient as possible for the customer. For the more savvy customers, you can also offer to Tweet them or send them a message via other social media options.

Another feature that JewelFix has, which we have not found in other software of its kind, is being able to prevent duplicate data, if there is more than one person working in the shop, you may not always know if a customer has had a repair in before, so when you add a new customer, it checks to see if that contact number already exists and offers to show you the list of accounts it is attached to, therefore reducing the amount of data in your database, and allowing for easier selection next time.

Job Management:

JewelFix is designed to track your repairs throughout the whole process, from booking them in, to checking them out and beyond. It wouldn't be much of a program if it didn't do this effectively. JewelFix has a simple user interface at the booking in screen, meaning that you don't have to be a techy to book a job in. It also has an easy to use management screen for jobs, easily allowing you to read and add notes, set the completion date and much more. JewelFix also allows you to return a job, for example, if a customer has brought their repair back in if it repeating the same issues, then instead of having to go through the process of booking in a new job, you simply open the job from the 'Closed Jobs' screen, and click on 'Return Job', and you're done. It will put the repair back into the 'Open Jobs' list, with a 'Returned' status, so you can see which jobs have been returned, this also allows you to see the notes from the original repair, allowing you to see what was carried out on the job, and by who.

Check In Receipts:

One of the biggest issues with using a paper based system, or a homemade spreadsheet, is that you don't get to give the customer a receipt for leaving their device with you, and from research, we know customers like this. Not only does it give the sense of trust and professionalism in your business, but it also covers you in the event of a disagreement. The check in receipt has all the customer's details on, and all the job details, from the date it was checked in, to the fault is was experiencing, to the price quoted. So you have got some comeback if the customer said that they were quoted £60 less, you can point them back to their receipt.

It also displays the Job number and Customer number, making it easier for you to find their repair if the customer call for an update, or to collect their item.